Hunger Strike Against Police Terror. @ Mission Police Station
Apr 22 – Apr 29 all-day

Update 4/29 (via email) :

This morning when the #Frisco5 were asked how they were feeling they replied: “ Let the press know that we are tired and bodies are getting weaker and that yesterday took a lot out of the five strikers – thousands of people stopping by to share their love to two dozen press outlets. They will be resting for much part of the day to conserve energy and sustain the through this journey that may continue for many more days.”

They are on day nine of their hunger strike and city hall seems to be ready to let them starve to death.
The mayor’s tone deaf attitude towards citizens who have put their life on the line, to stop police terror , has enraged the community. Members of the community have started a petition to remove Chief Suhr as Chief of Police.

Tomorrow they will hold a rally in front of Mission Police Station in support of the strikers.
Enough is Enough!!! The chief must go.


Update 4/28:

The crowd is chanting the names of black and brown people gunned down by SFPD (self-appointed judge, jury and executioner), for as many bullets the police shot into their bodies. This video also shows The People’s demand for a full community meeting (after the most recent killing of Luis Gongora) casually denied. Hunger Srriker Edwin confronts the Captain about the murdering of our brothers and gets a smirk. We will win. The word is out now. Join us at 17th and Valencia. Also Justice 4 Mario woods coalition meeting tonight at 350 Rhode Island 6 pm. We will take this hunger strike to focus our power.

Update 4/26:

Hunger strike is growing. Please come down to Mission Police Station at Valencia and 17th in solidarity. Spread the word to friends in other cities and states: this hunger strike is because racist SFPD continues to murder black and brown people in the streets in ethnic cleansing. We have lost members of our community. This is a national emergency. Our power comes from love and from the word being spread: along with it: OUTRAGE.

Original Post:


Hunger Strike at Mission Police Station until Greg Suhr is fired as Chief of the murdering SFPD


Hunger strike at Mission Police Station today, tonight, tomorrow until Greg Suhr is fired as Chief of the murdering SFPD.  Join us in solidarity: on Valencia between 16th and 17th. The hunger strikers are dead serious. And they need you.

This is not a publicity stunt by any means of the imagination. We have real people with real families, with institutions that are being run, pre schools and careers.  This is legitimately our last option.”

Bring blankets.

Stay tuned for an announcement of OccupyForum this Monday night at Global Exchange on Strategizing: How Do We Keep the Police from Killing People?

Stop Urban Shield Town Hall @ Eastside Arts Alliance
Apr 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Urban Shield is a weapons expo and war-like police training that brings together law enforcement agencies from across the country and world to learn how to better repress, criminalize, and militarize our communities.

It is a key player in creating militarized emergency response systems that make police the first responders to everything from climate disasters to uprisings. But as we saw during Katrina, when “public safety” relies on armed emergency management, communities of color, and particularly Black communities, become an “emergency” that need to be controlled and managed with a military response.

Join the Stop Urban Shield Coalition to learn about the fight and how to get involved. Space is wheelchair accessible.

Is Climate Change Protest Broken? @ David Brower Center
Apr 22 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The “Is Climate Change Protest Broken?” panel will include Bay Area activists. The forum will conclude with a question-and-answer session moderated by Michelle Myers of the Sierra Club.

Micah White, one of the founders of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, will participate in the forum on the past and future of environmental protest. White is the author of “The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution,” which contends that reliance on materialism, empiricism and scientism has limited the potential of environmental protest, necessitating a social revolution for individuals, communities and the planet.


Reverend Billy, Author of The Earth Wants You @ Laurel Books, Oakland
Apr 22 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Laurel Bookstore welcomes Reverend Billy Talen, spiritual leader and global activist, to speak on Earth Day from his new book The Earth Wants You.

A preacher’s exhortation, an activist’s primer, inspired visions and a call to arms for a wild, creative, Earth-led cultural revolution.

Civic life in the time of climate chaos—floods, fire, drought and superstorms—will require intensive policing and social control. Governing bodies will transform and democracy will fall by the wayside; the banks and the power stations will be heavily defended; whole populations will be incarcerated. While this might seem like dystopian fiction, it’s actually a description of life as it’s lived in much of the world now, and will become the norm unless we can stop it. When the ocean is pouring in through the door, will we find the will to act before we drown?

This book is a call for action as extreme as the weather. It’s meant to radicalize those who didn’t think the climate crisis would require any risky personal commitment. The Earth revolution is upon us, and it must be as wild and as unpredictable as life on Earth itself! Earth-a-lujah!

Reverend Billy and his choir of singing-activists are on the front lines of creative direct action, and here they offer up a distillation of the passion, the inspiration, and the hopes for love and survival that fuel their work. In a mix of essays, polemics, surrealist scenarios and news flashes from the frontlines, Reverend Billy answers the question, “What are we to do?” with a resounding chorus of “Take Action NOW!”

Mass Copwatch by Berkeley Copwatch @ Grassroots House
Apr 22 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Starting in April, Berkeley Copwatch is kicking off our ongoing *weekly* copwatching shifts! We’ll be out in the streets most Fridays and Saturdays witnessing and documenting police activity and doing outreach. Please join us!

No experience required — any experience welcome. We’ll train you in the essentials for documenting police activity and staying safe in the process.

If you are able to bring a car and be a shift driver, that would be GREAT! Please let us know in the “discussion” section or by sending Berkeley Copwatch a message.

(Check this page for updates)

Friday 4/1 – 8pm
Saturday 4/2 – 8pm

Friday 4/8 – 8pm
Sat 4/9 – 8pm

Friday 4/15 – 8pm
Saturday 4/16 – 8pm

Friday 4/22 – 8pm
Saturday 4/23 – 8pm

Friday 4/29 – 8pm
Saturday 4/30 – 8pm

Since October 2015, Berkeley Copwatch has been holding “mass copwatch” events. It’s been fun and very empowering to have up to five cars full of copwatchers patrolling our city and on the scene when police stop people.

21st Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair @ New Oakland Metro Opera House
Apr 23 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

The Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair is an annual event for people interested and engaged in radical work to connect and learn through book and information tables, workshops, panel discussions, skillshares, films and more! We create an inclusive space to introduce new folks to anarchism, foster productive dialogue between various political traditions and anarchists from different milieus, and create an opportunity to dissect our movements’ strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and tactics.

Cesar Chavez Parade & Festival @ Dolores Park
Apr 23 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

This Earth Day 2016, MARCH FOR THE EARTH in honor of Cesar Chavez because environmental rights are human rights! Gathering at 10am at 19th and Dolores, the parade departs promptly at 11 to walk to 24th and Mission. The festival is on 24th Street between Bryant and Treat. Please don’t miss the music, speakers and community! Bring signs and friends! Organizations please call John (415) 312-6924 or email if you would like to be listed in the parade roster.

Abolition of Policing Workshop @ 3rd Floor
Apr 23 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Want to learn how to work toward abolishing the cops? Want to hear how we challenge the notion that policing keeps us safe? CR Oakland regularly offers this workshop that looks at the role and history of policing in the U.S., the way it has impacted various communities, and how people have resisted and challenged its inherent violence. This workshop also goes over how we can reduce our reliance on policing by highlighting the various ways that building up community strength and practices lead to true safety that does not depend on law enforcement.

The building is wheelchair accessible. Please email to RSVP.

EARTH DAY Defend the Land at the Gill Tract. @ Gill Tract Organic Farm
Apr 23 @ 12:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Join us to celebrate EARTH DAY WEEKEND at the Gill Tract where we will come together to BUILD OUR POWER and continue the fight to DEFEND THE LAND.

As many of you know construction has started on the southernmost part of the Tract below Monroe St. UC Berkeley has sold out that parcel of public land to be turned into a luxury senior housing complex. But we won’t let the rest of the southside of Gill Tract be paved into a corporate chain grocery store. It’s a critical moment as permits may be issued any day now. Let’s seize this weekend of celebrating and protecting Mama Earth to resist further threats to this historic farmland and greenspace.

We’ll have a weekend full of engaging activities planned including speakers, music, food, and much more, SO COME OUT ALL DAY EACH DAY AND PLAN TO STAY THE NIGHT.

Saturday 4/23
*12 Noon: meet on the corner of San Pable Ave and Monroe St.
*Activities will include altar building so bring decorative fabric, remembrance pictures/images, flowers, battery-powered lights, special/sacred objects, etc.
*5pm Speakers: TBA
*6pm Dinner served
*7pm Music: Future Twins, group jam, more (tba)
*Camp out under the stars!

Sunday 4/14
*We will go support the fun activities at the northside Community Farm.
*6:00 Dinner
*Night time film screening of “This Changes Everything” (the Naomi Klein film) w/ popcorn

The ‘Must Go On’ Celebration. @ Downtown Berkeley Post Office Steps
Apr 23 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

What’s Next in the Fight to Protect Public Spaces, the Rights of Homeless People, AND Free Speech



A press conference and celebration to discuss what’s next for the activists who occupied the grounds of the Main Berkeley Post Office for a year-and-a-half

Why: Though our occupation has been torn down, the fight to preserve public resources, free speech, and the rights of homeless people must continue

Though the Main Berkeley Post Office is not currently up for sale, the USPS continues to pursue a “shrink to survive” strategy by reducing and outsourcing services, chiseling away at union employment, and selling post offices around the country.  Management of this huge enterprise is neglected with only three Governors on the Board that is chartered for eleven.  The Postal Service continues to ignore the strong recommendations of its own Inspector General to correct anti-competitive practices in its real estate division and to pursue financial viability by offering banking services to its customers.

Allowing the USPS to wither in this way threatens the citizenry with the loss of universally accessible mail service, with a devastating injury to organized labor, with the elimination of public space on Main Streets throughout the country, and with the abdication of the Constitutional mission to provided a vehicle for the transmission of free speech.

During our 17-month occupation of the Main Berkeley Post Office, we expanded our mission to protest the criminalization of homeless people.  Solving the widespread social problems that result in homelessness is not, nor can it be, the job of the police.  We will continue to raise awareness of this strategic miscalculation by city officials and to demand that truly affordable housing be created for the homeless so they can spend more time putting their lives in order and less time shifting their belongings from pillar to post.

Our press conference will review the course of our 17-month occupation.  We will thank everyone who played a role in sustaining our presence on the grounds of the post office.  And we will discuss our strategies going forward:

– To organize community members to call out the USPS for not using the Main Berkeley Post Office to its full potential, and for not heeding their Inspector General’s recommendations to crack down on their real estate division and to institute postal banking.

–   To invite candidates for election in November to use the Main Berkeley Post Office as a backdrop for supporting union labor, for Main Street Not Wall Street, and for attacking the predatory fringe finance industry.

– To retain and build on the way we’ve used public space for free expression. No matter how one might speculate as to the reasons why the Postal Police tolerated our occupation for so long, we demonstrated that public officials may not have absolute control over the use of spaces they administer, but that communities can override authorities without relying on permits, petitions, lawsuits, lobbyists, threats, or bribes. We can just use those spaces.

– To continue to nurture the community garden that we planted on neglected post office property over a year ago, and to which we are currently denied access by US Postal Police.

Berkeley Post Office Defenders:

First They Came for the Homeless:

BPOD is affiliated with Strike Debt Bay Area:

For more on the privatization of the USPS:

Saving the United States Postal Service as a Public Enterprise:

Privatization Is Social Cancer; Saving the US Postal Service:


POSTPONED: Dinner and a (Great) Movie: Pride @ SEIU 1000 Hall, 2nd floor
Apr 23 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm





4 Year Anniversary of Occupy the Farm @ Gill Tract
Apr 24 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Celebrating 4 years at the Gill Tract! Food, live music, holistic medicine, and farmin’! We would love your help in making the magic happen sign up to volunteer at


Berkeley Anarchists Conference @ Omni Commons
Apr 24 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

The BASTARD (Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research & Development) conference promotes multiple approaches to anarchism. Come and share yours. Come and participate in a commerce-free event with other anarchists to talk about the philosophy and theory of where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we’re going.

Every year we have a loose theme, to allow people who want a framework on which to base a workshop. The BASTARD Conference is an annual event and gathering organized by the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group, which is an open long running (10+ years) anarchist study group that meets every week on Tuesday @ The Long Haul Infoshop (3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley CA. 94705).

47th People’s Park Anniversary @ People's Park
Apr 24 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

It’s time to celebrate our History of Struggle!

Leave it to Diva
Skank Bank
Funky Nixons
Hali Hammer
Yukon Hannibal
Tee Lewis
Bay Area Harmonica Club
Steven Lewis
Max Ventura
All Nations Singers
DJ Soul

Food Not Bombs Field Kitchen all day

Good Community Good Times…Details TBA

Sunflower Alliance General Assembly @ Bobby Bowens Progressive Center
Apr 24 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Join us to learn about fossil fuel resistance and climate justice action in our region. We welcome your participation and your voice! Steve Ongerth will present on “just transition” — ensuring that fossil fuel workers get support, training, and good new jobs as we eliminate fossil fuel.

Potluck lunch before the meeting at 12:30 PM.


Post Salon: Barbara Lee, Troy Williams @ Geoffrey's Inner Circle
Apr 24 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Congresswoman Barbara Lee & Troy Williams to Speak at Post Salon.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee will discuss overcoming barriers for the formerly incarcerated to vote and find jobs at next week’s Post Salon. Troy Williams, former San Quentin inmate, will respond.

The salon will also report on the housing moratorium, a local voter registration drive and the crisis of jobs and job training programs in Oakland, discussing the significance of what will be discussed at the Tuesday, April 26 Community and Economic Development Community Meeting.

RSVP online

Open Circle ~ Families Fighting for Justice @ Omni Commons
Apr 24 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Occupy Oakland General Assembly @ Oscar Grant Plaza or basement of Omni basement if raining
Apr 24 @ 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

The Occupy Oakland General Assembly meets every Sunday at 4 PM at Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater at 14th Street & Broadway near the steps of City Hall. If it is raining (as in RAINING, not just misting) at 4:00 PM we meet in the basement of the Omni Collective, 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland.  On every last Sunday we meet a little earlier at 3 PM to have a community potluck to which all are welcome.

ooGAOO General Assembly has met on a continuous basis for over four years! Our General Assembly is a participatory gathering of Oakland community members and beyond, where everyone who shows up is treated equally . Our Assembly and the process we have collectively cultivated strives to reach agreement while building community.

At the GA committees, caucuses, and loosely associated groups whose representatives come voluntarily report on past and future actions, with discussion. We encourage everyone participating in the Occupy Oakland GA to be part of at least one associated group, but it is by no means a requirement. If you like, just come and hear all the organizing being done! Occupy Oakland encourages political activity that is decentralized and welcomes diverse voices and actions into the movement.

General Assembly Standard Agenda

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Reports from Committees, Caucuses, & Independent Organizations
  3. Announcements
  4. (Optional) Discussion Topic

Occupy Oakland activities and contact info for some Bay Area Groups with past or present Occupy Oakland members.

Occupy Oakland Web Committee: (
Strike Debt Bay Area :
Berkeley Post Office Defenders:
Alan Blueford Center 4 Justice:
Oakland Privacy Working Group:
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
Bay Area AntiRepression:
Biblioteca Popular:
Interfaith Tent:
Port Truckers Solidarity:
Bay Area Intifada:
Transport Workers Solidarity:
Fresh Juice Party (aka Chalkupy)
Sudo Room:
Omni Collective:
First They Came for the Homeless:
Sunflower Alliance:
Bay Area Public School:

San Francisco based groups:
Occupy Bay Area United:
Occupy Forum: (see OBAU above)
San Francisco Projection Department:


Community Democracy Project Meeting @ Omni Commons Basement
Apr 24 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

The Community Democracy Project is your connection to direct democracy in Oakland! Convened out of Occupy Oakland in Fall 2011, we’re gathering steam on a campaign to bring the people back in touch with the city’s resources through participatory budgeting.

Picture this: Across Oakland, Neighborhood Assemblies are regularly
held in every community. People come together to tackle the important issues of their neighborhoods and of the city. At these assemblies, people don’t just have discussions–they learn from one another, from city staff, and they make fundamental decisions about how the city should run. They decide the city budget.

Democratic, community budgeting is a powerful step toward building strong communities, real democracy, and economic justice–and it’s being done all over the world.

The budget of the City Oakland totals more than $1 billion per year. Although part of the budget must be used for specific purposes, still over half of the budget–over $500 billion per year–consists of general purpose funds paid by the taxes, fees, and fines of the people of Oakland. The Mayor and the City Council decide the city budget, with minimal input from the community.

Working together, we will not only get a seat at the table–we will REBUILD the table itself. Participatory democracy is real democracy–join us to say: Local People, Local Resources, Local Power!

Liberated Lens Weekly Meetup @ Omni Commons
Apr 24 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Liberated Lens is a digital filmmaking collective dedicated to social change, based in Oakland, California. We share resources, skills and knowledge to help each other tell stories that might otherwise remain untold. We make films in a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, share a lending library of film equipment for creative projects, and organize free, at cost or donation-based workshops.

Join us for our weekly meeting and a workshop!

We usually meet in our editing suite (2nd floor in the ballroom, to the left of the stage) and then work on projects. It’s open to all!