Interfaith Service Honoring Human Dignity and 1st Amdt. Rights @ Oscar Grant Plaza
Mar 22 @ 1:00 am – 2:00 am

National faith leaders will offer religious sanctuary and protection to those to whom police have issued “stay away” and “non-loitering” orders that prohibit them from being on the plaza. The Service will honor their Constitutional First Amendment rights and challenge police actions against peaceful, lawful protesters. The service is expected to draw people from faith communities and Occupy encampments from across the state of California.

Note: The General Assembly time has been changed to 7:00 PM to accommodate this event.

Brooms Collective — Mission District Clean Up, 11:30 AM @ Mission District
May 5 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

In response to the May 1st vandalism of small businesses and private property in this largely working class neighborhood, we at the Brooms Collective are planning on gathering at the 16th Street Mission BART Station at 11:30 on Saturday morning to participate in a neighborhood clean-up and outreach action. Many people seem to believe that these deplorable actions were attributable to supporters of the Occupy Movement, and even Occupy Oakland in particular. Many of us in the Brooms Collective found this truly senseless destruction wholly out of step with our beliefs, political, social or otherwise, and we believe that many others feel the same way. An action such as this is the only way that we could even hope to repair the damage that was done in the name of a movement that many of us believe would never have condoned it in the first place.