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Formulating proposal re: nonviolence and diversity of tactics

We are currently at a difficult point in our existence as a movement.  As we simultaneously face threats of police violence, we must ourselves understand how we see violence, and that we come to Occupy Oakland from a wide range of histories.  I do not think that a single proposal can address “violence by occupiers”, nor do I think it should.  I think that consensus is a challenging process that we are learning how to use as we live it.  A proposal should be something that the body of the … Continued


General Assembly Minutes 10.24.11

Approximate head count:  200 Facilitator: [Requests for translation, smoking section, lawyer’s guild #] Tonight, we’re squeezed tighter together so we can be more engaged. Show respect for people speaking. Mess ups happen on stage because only a few facilitators are trying to facilitate. There are no proposals tonight, so no explanation of modified consensus needed. Is there anyone new here tonight? [between 5 and 10 people raise hand, people clap for them] Forum topic: How do we move forward in terms of protecting the camp, increasing numbers and creating a … Continued