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[Passed at 1/13/2012 GA] Buy Local Proposal

The Occupy Oakland TAC, Media Committee and LBL (Local Business Liaison) Committee propose a boycott of corporate shopping and credit card use, and a show of solidarity with local, independent businesses.  Money that is spent locally, especially when using cash, check, or Oakland Gift Card, keeps more money in our own community and out of the hands of corporate elite. Most local indie business owners are the 99%, our proven allies.   Many of them support the goals of Occupy Oakland.  Some are active supporters, donating food, infrastructure, services, and space … Continued


Grand Lake Theater’s #OO Fundraiser a Great Success

Thanks to the Grand Lake Theater and the fun and lively crowd that came out on Tuesday night, the # OO benefit was a great success, raising over $6,200 for Occupy Oakland on Tuesday, December 13, 2011.   Attendees enjoyed two special screenings of the 2006 film, “V for Vendetta.” Still energized by the Port Shutdown success of the previous day, the crowd was animated.  Cheers went up in the audience in response to classic lines like, “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of … Continued


Local Businesses Publicly Supporting Occupy Oakland

LOCAL BUSINESSES PUBLICLY SUPPORTING OCCUPY OAKLAND When you’re deciding which businesses to support with your spending dollars, please consider whether they are operating in a way that helps the community, and if they are supporting Occupy Oakland.  The following local, independent Oakland businesses stand with Occupy Oakland.  They have signed a petition that states: “We support Occupy Oakland in its pursuit of social and economic justice for the 99%”   Rising Loafer Cafe     130 Ogawa/Grant Plaza     510-836-8712 Sankofa     120 Ogawa/Grant Plaza     510-444-0149 Everett & Jones … Continued


Survey finds Occupy Oakland has had positive or neutral Impact on 80% of Small Businesses near Plaza with 20% reporting a negative impact. Local Business Liaison seeking to help.

Survey Finds Occupy Oakland Has Had Positive or neutral Impact on 80% of Small Businesses near Plaza with 20% reporting a negative impact. Local Business Liaison Seeking to Help. (Click here to see the write up in the Oakland by Eric Arnold about this survey released on December 8, 2011.  Feel free to leave a comment of support in response to the “Trolls” who have been making some negative comments.) Oakland, California – 12/7/11 – Occupy Oakland’s Local Business Liaison (LBL) is a group composed of small business owners, organizers, … Continued


Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater to hold special benefit film night for Occupy Oakland on December 13.

Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater announced today that it will hold a special benefit film night for Occupy Oakland on December 13.  This is the first time that a local business has hosted a major fundraiser for the Occupy Oakland movement. The movie “V for Vendetta” will be shown at 7:35 p.m. and 10:00 p.m on Tuesday, December 13.  The film is a 2006 sci-fi thriller depicting freedom fighters battling a totalitarian state.  There will be free popcorn and the organ will be played before this special benefit event.  All ticket proceeds will be given … Continued