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Recruiting the Police

I sent this to some Police email address, but I wonder if someone with a real liaison with the police has — or could — deliver the same message — even show some display of cop and occupier hand in hand — the message I sent: I hear your concern on television about there being no administrative guidance for police in regard to tomorrow’s General Strike.  I know that police, like military, find honor in following orders in a desire to keep order and protect the peace.  Better that role, … Continued


Is a Strike a good idea?

I may have addressed already to an Occupy Forum on-line (this 74-year-old admits confusion) but there were some confusions, and I enter it here, corrected: I don’t know how effective a strike would be, especially happening so quickly and therefore perhaps not involving enough people, but the Occupy movement is for me The Voice, our Voice, heard nowhere else at all, addressing and speaking about all those things that horrify us all yet are never truly spoken of in the media or addressed by politicians.  Everywhere else is a part … Continued


Mayor Quan Visits Scott Olsen

If the Oakland Tribune, Thursday, 28 Oct 2011, is correct, Mayor Quan visited the hospital room of Scott Olsen.  While he was unable speak, she asked him to be open to negotiations with the City about his injury, evidently anticipating the Olsen family’s lawsuit.  If true, could there be anything more gross than her introducing that subject when the injured Scott Olsen needs peace and absence  from stress while recurring from such a terrible injury?  If true, it should allow the Olsen family to sue not just for the injury … Continued