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Open Mic Poetry Reading at Oscar Grant Plaza

Here is a link to audio and a couple photos from this Sunday’s open mic at Oscar Grant Plaza. 4673


History of General Strikes in Oakland

Here is some audio about the history of general strikes in Oakland. Recorded today in Oscar Grant Plaza with a member of IWW. 2539


The Plaza Call – A Collective Audio Diary for the Occupation

Hi Friends, I’ve started an audio diary/running open mic to try and gather and represent a plurality of voices from the camp. Here’s the current link though the site may change: Here are links of my first four interviews: (on security. internal tension. mediation. we are pioneers.) (protesting is fun. the commons. collective joy.) (questions about proposals. manic energy. reaching out.) (ogp gazette. this is just the beginning. uncomfortable things.) And here is my propaganda/mission statement about the project: For too long our voices have been stifled, scattered and alone. … Continued