Say His Name! Justice For Pedie Perez BBQ-Richmond

Categories: Autonomous Action, Events

Pedie Perez had been drinking when he was arrested by Richmond officer Wallace Jensen. After waiting on the floor for a while, he got up to walk away. He was gunned down. He was unarmed. There are several witnesses that attest that he didn’t attack the cop or try to seize his weapon, but in the follow up investigation NONE of the actual eye witnesses testimony was even mentioned and Jensen was allowed to continue on his merry way without so much as a reprimand.  But folks are organizing and fighting back. Now it is becoming an important issue and several members of the Richmond City Council are becoming actively involved. Stand up! Fight Back! You can read more about the situation on this web site as well as on this Faceplant page.

Saturday, September 10th there will be a BBQ commorating the second anniversary of his murder at 5:30 PM at John F. Kennedy Park on Cutting Blvd. It will be followed by a candle lighting and walk to Uncle Sam’s Liquors where he was gunned down by a Peace Officer pledged to protect and server the citizens of Richmond.





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