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On Saturday, October 17th, labor organizer Shonda of EBOC and the Oakland Livable Wage Assembly was out of a job at the Kentucky Fried Chicken at 28th & Telegraph.

Shonda… was unjustly terminated yesterday afternoon. She has an impeccable track record in her former place of employment, KFC/Pizza Hut… with zero write-ups and many loyal customers who consistently go back to the store just to see her. For over 3 years, Shonda has been the best employee in the store, she is experienced, hard working and most of all, her energy is illuminating.

kfc-picket-1Just a few hours later that KFC was effectively shut down by a picket line by her comrades from EBOC, the Oakland Livable Wage assembly and the community at large. Their goal:

We are going to stay until they close tonight!

As Shonda put, it “Solidarity is the new ‘I love you.'”  The KFC? It stayed shut:

Yesterday… with support of our partners [we] held a 7 hour direct action where we demanded Shonda’s job back.  With the help of OPD, KFC/Pizza Hut attempted to stop our efforts, to no avail.

Five days later, Shonda had her job back.

After relentless actions, petitioning and calls, Shonda’s regional manager… sat down with the union and Shonda to discuss the terms of her return to work! Sal said the KFC management team met and decided the best move would be to offer Shonda her job back, and is set to return on Sunday with back-pay.



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