“Black People Had War Declared on Them By Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.”

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On Thursday, May 21st, 2015, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, in response to window breaking during protests the evening of May 1st, promulgated, secretly, new edits prohibiting night time street protests. These were enforced by Oakland Police that night when Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to take to the streets after a #SayHerName rally remembering Black women killed by police terror.

Forced back onto the sidewalk under threat of arrest, Black Lives Matter organizer Cat Brooks spoke out, saying then and there “We Gonna Take Back These MotherFuckin’ Streets!”

Inevitably, the call went out sometime on Saturday for a protest in defiance of this new edict for that very same night. Another protest is already being planned for tonight, Sunday evening, and for Friday, June 5th.

Please click through here to see how it all came down Saturday night, told in the tweets and tweetpics from the protest. It is a long story, and destined to get even longer as the week unfolds.



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