From Oakland to Berkeley – A Long and Intense Anti-Police, Pro Ferguson Protesters Solidarity March.

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One person’s description of last night’s protest march, which began at Oscar Grant Plaza, went down towards the Police Station on 7th & Broadway, back to OGP and eventuallyal the way up Telegraph Ave (with a detour around the cops) to UC Berkeley.

Last night Oakland took to the streets in solidarity with #Ferguson MO. It was one of the most intense marches I’ve been on. The police showed up looking for a fight from the beginning, blocking our way and forcing confrontations. At one point, a particularly perturbed pig lunged at us grabbing two of my friends and took them to the ground. The crowd responded with actions, not just cameras and words. I didn’t see where it came from, but at some point during the scuffle the aggressive officers were maced, freeing the two protesters from state violence. 

The march continued all the way to the UC Berkeley campus, even though pigs from at least 3 different departments made attempts to disperse the group. Banks and other symbols of capitalism were attacked, gentrifiers were harassed and the pigs gained many new enemies as students and neighbors alike were treated like prisoners, not being allowed to move freely through their streets. 

Here are various tweets and tweetpics taken by participants as the march progressed.








































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