Lovers of the Bulb Speak: “A Solution in Search of a Problem.”

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A number of Bulb users were asked to speak their mind on video about the ongoing plans to evict the Bulb’s otherwise homeless residents, restrict the ability of people to let their dogs run free on the beach, and turn the Bulb into a vanilla park. Here’s what they had to say, with excerpts below.

“The castle is just magical… There’s a lot of heart and soul of the art community here…”

“This is kind of antithetical to what’s been happening here. This is, like, SO STUPID, like not getting the point.,, Mostly people came to say ‘Leave it alone!'”

“Cynthia has been coming to the Bulb for thirteen years; hopefully for another thirteen.”

“This place is beatiful as it is, it really doesn’t need any work.”

“I think spaces like this are absolutely vital.”

“Preserve this art. This remains priceless. Any other thing is unacceptable.”

“People getting along together… dogs roaming free… the beach right there.”

“I love this place and it would make me absolutely, extremely sad if they made an, made an actual park out of it.”

Interview with Orion on the Sat. March 22nd KPFA Evening News on the Bulb

2014/03/16 Share The Bulb – Light Brigade Action in Support of the Homeless in Albany, California from user15944994 on Vimeo.


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