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Did you know that on Sunday, March 2, a thousand demonstrators, mostly young, protested the Keystone Pipeline in Washington, D.C., and close to 400 were arrested?

Did you know that on the next day there was a support action in San Francisco, and well over 100 people attended?  Nine were able to get into the State Department Building, where they were arrested.  The crowd locked outside chanted and heard stirring speeches from young activists.  Neither of these events has been covered by the mainspring press.…/

This spring a series of actions are underway focusing on local fossil fuel infrastructure, the Keystone XL pipeline and building a sustainable economy.  Here are some of them.

Friday March 7 Keystone Pipeline comment period ends.  If you haven’t already sent in a comment on the Environmental Impact Statement, do so by Friday.  Here’s a way to send it via the website:

Saturday March 15 Sacramento demonstration against fracking.  This is likely to be a big one.   For more information, including links to sign up for a bus ride, go to

Saturday March 22 dnner for people interested in Sunflower Alliance.  The Sunflower Alliance is an alliance of individuals and organizations who have come together to fight for environmental justice, indigenous peoples’ rights, and basic health and safety in communities of the wider Bay Area threatened by the fossil fuel industry.   The Sunflower Alliance has been supporting local refinery communities opposing the efforts of Big Oil. The industry is trying to create a new transportation hub in Pittsburg and modify existing infrastructure in local refinery towns—in order to process and transport dirty crude oil, both from tar sands and from fracked oil.  In addition to working with local front-line communities, the Sunflower Alliance collaborates on organizing demonstrations and conferences and engages in a range of other actions from legislative to civil disobedience.  To learn more about how to join us, consider coming to the March 22 evening event.

Saturday April 12 Healing Walk from Pittsburg to Martinez.  Idle No More is sponsoring a series of monthly healing walks between refinery towns.   Watch for more information in the near future. 

Saturday April 19  Earth Day Action Parade and Rally, San Francisco .


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