For Andy. And Gary. And Alan. And Oscar. And…

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On Saturday, November 9th at Noon at the Fruitvale BART a rally and march were held in solidarity with Andy Lopez, murdered in Santa Rosa by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Erick Gelhaus.

Stop Police Brutality. Justice 4 Andy Lopez.

The event was part of a statewide day of action for Andy which saw other events takes place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and, of course, Santa Rosa. Solidarity was in the air.

Frank and kids from the Port Truckers here in Solidarity.

The mother of Gary King, killed by Oakland Police officer Patrick Gonzales, spoke at Fruitvale, as did Oscar Grant’s “Uncle Bobby.”

Alyssa @alyssa011968
Glad more people r here and still coming. Cathy King said her son was mixed just dark enough 4 OPD 2 kill w/impunity.

Cathy King gave a stirring speech at the rally.
Here she is (left) with Anne Weills, one of Oakland’s finest civil rights attorneys.
Anne is currently working on the Pelican Bay prisoner solitary confinement federal lawsuit.


Representatives from organizations like ANSWER, Justice 4 Alan Blueford, the ISO and others also spoke out against police terror and for unity in opposition.

Denouncing the police in both Spanish and English.


About a hundred people were there at the end of rally, almost all of whom marched to one of the Alameda County Sheriff’s offices about ten blocks away.

On the way from Fruitvale to the Sheriff’s.


Along the route they encountered Officer Gonzales!!

OPD Officer Patrick Gonzales. Involved in multiple shooting deaths while employed by Oakland.


It seems he can only deal with people when facing them with a gun. Describing what happened next, Alyssa tweeted

Alyssa @alyssa011968
There may not have been that many of us. But we stood up & ran Gonzalez off !

Alyssa @alyssa011968
@jpmassar … we stoppd him whn rushed 2 his car, surrounded & blocked car. Then cops came 2 escort him away.

The march continued, Cathy King in the lead.

Jail All Killer Cops.


Finally arriving at the Sheriff’s Contract Services Fruitvale office.


Where a man demonstrated the insanity of many police shootings…


and a child spoke Truth to Power.

“Daughter of victim of police asks who can she call if needs help? Not the cops 4 sure.”


On the way back to Fruitvale BART. Still going strong!



Credits: All photos and tweets from Alyssa.


A snapshot from Santa Rosa today.



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