Monday May 6: Protest at PG&E Shareholders Meeting

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So Many Reasons to Protest PG&E:

San Bruno, Smart Meters, Diablo Canyon,

EMF hazards, acoustic seismic testing,

Hinkley & Kettleman Hills, fracking

Monday, May 6, 2013 – 9am-1pm

Outside PG&E shareholders meeting

PG&E, 77 Beale St., San Francisco

(Beale & Market Streets)



San Bruno gas pipeline explosions, resulting in deaths, injury, and destruction of homes.

– PG&E lied about pipeline inspections

– whistleblowers harassed

NTSB report


Smart Meters, with serious problems including health impacts, electrical fire and explosion dangers, interference with electronics, privacy invasion and surveillance, hacking and cybersecurity risks, remote disconnection of power, overbilling, and more


Diablo Canyon – safety violations, built astride earthquake faults, impacts to marine life and neighbors. This hazardous plant needs to be shut down, and the spent fuel housed in dry cask storage.   


Acoustic seismic testing – this dangerous “testing” would maim or kill marine life from zoe plankton to whales, to test for faults already well-documented. It has been halted for now, but PG&E may come back with additional proposals


Hinkley & Kettleman Hills – toxic hexavalent chromium contamination of groundwater. PG&E went so far as to hire a firm to falsify scientific data to win their lawsuit. PG&E lost in Hinkley.

– Erin Brockovich film


Electromagnetic radiation – health risks include leukemia, especially In children, and other cancers. Magnetic fields as low as 2 milligauss are a cancer risk, yet high voltage lines are near schools and residential areas. Also problems with ground currents and “dirty” power.

– Paul Brodeur – Currents of Death – cover-up through the World Health Organization EMF Project and Director Michael Repacholi  – dirty electricity


Fracking in Pennsylvania – health problems, pet and livestock death.




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