Occupy Oakland FDG Is Trying to Save Jodie’s Home! (And We Need Your Support)

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Jodie Randolph is a small-business owner in Alameda.

Morgan Stanley’s earnings for the last three months were $7.6 billion dollars, or about $2.5 billion per month.

Jodie Randolph is a breast-cancer survivor.

Morgan Stanley is legally a person, but doesn’t have breasts. Instead, it has assets of $311 billion.

Jodie Randolph is in treatment for colon cancer.

Morgan Stanley doesn’t have a colon either. Instead, it takes care of its $311 billion in assets by shedding jobs — about 4500, or 7% of its work force, last

Jodie Randolph.
Jodie Randolph on the porch of her small house in Alameda, CA

Jodie Randolph and her possessions are about to go out onto the street, because Morgan Stanley has something better to do with her home than let her live there.

Jodie has been fighting to stay in her home for years. Companies affiliated with Morgan Stanley shuttled the loan around from one subsidiary to the other until they foreclosed on her. Morgan Stanley’s tactics have included:

  • pushing her into a predatory refinance.
  • Moving her loan around from company to company so she couldn’t get a fix on who to negotiate with
  • Removing the lawyer for Morgan Stanley who was actually negotiating with Jodie when they were close to reaching a mutually acceptable plan; and
  • Stunningly, breaking in and changing the locks to her house WHILE SHE WAS AT A CHEMOTHERAPY SESSION

Since lawyers have failed her, Jodie is fighting back the people’s way.

Please take three minutes to view this video of Jodie talking about her fight with Morgan Stanley et al, spanning years and increasing in desperation.

Directions to Jodie Randolph’s home @ 1624 Foley, Alameda, CA.

People can start showing up after 8:00 AM Tuesday, November 6th.

Via BART: Go to FruitVale BART. Walk west to Fruitvale Ave, South (towards Freeway & Bay) on Fruitvale, across the bridge. Street turns into Tilden Ave and bears right. Follow Tilden to Buena Vista Ave, turn right. Two short blocks to Foley. Turn left. 1624 is about half way down the street on your left. About 4/5ths of a mile total.

By bicycle: International towards Fruitvale, right on 29th Ave, across bridge. Street turns into Park St. Follow Park three or four blocks, turn left on Buena Vista Ave. Right on Foley. 1624 is about half way down the street on your left.

By car: Take I880 South to Fruitvale exit. Exit onto Elmwood Ave. Two blocks to the intersection of Fruitvale & Elmwood. Turn right onto Fruitvale, go across bridge. Road turns into Tilden & bears to the right. Follow Tilden a few blocks. Turn right on Buena Vista Ave. One short block, turn left on Foley. 1624 is about half way down the street on your left.

If you really need information, or you really need a ride, the hotline is 510-207-0182. (No ride guarantees, but we might be able to work something out).

If you want to get text alerts subscribe to the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group’s emergency alert system:

Text ‘ooforeclosure’ to 69302.

The most important thing to do is to be there Tuesday to a) stop the eviction and b) organize to make sure the eviction continues to not happen.


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