#defendjodie: Friday Phone Blast!

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Friday Nov 09

We’ve secured the house and marshalled support.
Now we pile the pressure on the banksters attacking Jodie!


Pressure on the corporate offices is a crucial part of forcing them to the negotiating table, of forcing them to treat Jodie like a human being.

We are calling on all our supporters today to
Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in SF 415.576.2083

Call his office 10 times today!
Tie up the lines!
Shut his office down until they negotiate with Jodie!

a sample script:

“Hello, I’m calling for John Sheldon on behalf of Jodie Randolph who lives at 1624 Foley St in Alameda CA. A subsidiary of Morgan Stanley is attempting to evict her from her home and I am calling you to urge Morgan Stanley to negotiate a reasonable repurchase agreement with her. Thank you.”you can send emails as well:

Solidarity is the People’s Weapon!
Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group – foreclosure@occupyoakland.org
hotline 510.207.0182
#defendjodie on fb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/349384701825285/

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