“Occupation Has No Future” A Film About US Veterans Who Travel To Palestine. 9/23/12 Photos

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“Occupation Has No Future”
A Film About US Veterans Who Travel To Palestine.

“Panel and film screening organized Occupy Oakland activists. 45 minute film excerpt introduced by director David Zlutnick, Occupation Has No Future (USA 2011). Panelists included Clare Bayard participant in Dialogues Against Militarism Project; Scott Olsen, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Occupy Oakland; Paul S. Laradee, Global March to Jerusalem, North America, Gabby Silverman, Occupy Oakland; and Tristan Anderson, International Solidarity Activist.
The film presentation and discussion focused on resistance to white settler colonialism and the relationship of the term occupy to liberation struggles from Oakland to the Occupied Territories. The rich discussion included the personal narratives of being part of then becoming disillusioned by organizations and systems that oppress, being participants in and in solidarity with people’s liberation movements, comparisons of being on the receiving end of repression at different sites, and philosophy and tactics of resistance. Inspiring stories.”

(The above was a brief description of the event by one of the members in the audience that preferred to remain anonymous.  Thank you for your collaboration.)


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