Picket of the Zim Shanghai continues!: Saturday 4:30-5PM W.Oakland BART–End the Siege of Gaza

We stopped the ZIM from unloading this morning, let’s keep the pressure on this afternoon! Folks will gather at the West Oakland BART, at 4:30 PM if you are marching, at 5 PM for a carpool to the picket.  Previous POST: ALERT: The Zim Shanghai has changed its estimated arrival back to Saturday (September 27th) AM.  The critical picket is back to 5 AM Saturday, 9/27. Gather at W. Oakland BART. We will still be at W. Oakland BART at 5pm tonight to meet anybody who wishes to help plan … Continued


“Occupation Has No Future” A Film About US Veterans Who Travel To Palestine. 9/23/12 Photos

“Occupation Has No Future” A Film About US Veterans Who Travel To Palestine. “Panel and film screening organized Occupy Oakland activists. 45 minute film excerpt introduced by director David Zlutnick, Occupation Has No Future (USA 2011). Panelists included Clare Bayard participant in Dialogues Against Militarism Project; Scott Olsen, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Occupy Oakland; Paul S. Laradee, Global March to Jerusalem, North America, Gabby Silverman, Occupy Oakland; and Tristan Anderson, International Solidarity Activist. The film presentation and discussion focused on resistance to white settler colonialism and the relationship … Continued


Undeserved: Bushbamney’s Nobel Peace Prize, Peres’ Medal of Freedom, Sarsak’s Starvation in Indefinite Detention

Undeserving Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama awards Medal of Freedom to fellow war criminal Peres while soccer player Mahmoud Sarsak starves in Israeli jail. UNDESERVED: BUSHBAMNEY’S NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, PERES’ MEDAL OF FREEDOM, SARSAK’S STARVATION IN INDEFINITE DETENTION In a cruel twist of irony, Israeli President Shimon Peres was honored Wednesday night [6/13/2012] with the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” at a lavish White House feast while Mahmoud Sarsak, rising Palestinian soccer star, nears death by starvation. Sarsak is now on his 87th day of hunger strike to demand the basic … Continued