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In anticipation of the first Re-Imagining the General Assembly gathering on 6/16 at Mosswood Park, here are some findings from our survey!

People who’ve been involved in OO and been to the GA:

Things people like:
-community, camaraderie, the space to meet/talk with
like-minded people and hear diversity of views
-horizontal direct democratic process/not dominated by
authority or superiority/all voices heard
-smoking section
-hearing about actions
-open forum
-people’s mic

Issues/Concerns/Desired Changes:
-need better attendance
-broader community
-white males and patriarchy can be unwelcoming/more POC
leadership and participation
-more respect for families and elders
-crowd control issues, too much monopolization and posturing
-communication—better bullhorns, signs and posters
-discrepancy between function of encampment GA and GA
-vary format: more open forums/clearing houses/speak outs
-more exposure to proposals in advance of the GA
-more streamlined meetings, frequency and length of GAs
-outdoor locations uncomfortable/inaccessible
-decision-making process—change quorum/block, proposal
process, make GA reflect the world we want to create
-create newcomer welcome committee
-disavow black bloc/diversity of tactics

People who say they haven’t been involved, but have been to GA:

-haven’t felt welcome
-seem to be assumed agreements among those present
-GA forum/announcements are too long

People who’ve been involved in OO, but haven’t been to GA:
-left OO due to diversity of tactics vs. nonviolence
-new to OO, will come to GA
-not enough free time to make it to GA
-not interested in sitting through meeting / interested in
autonomous action only
-horizontal decision-making is cumbersome/frustrating

Desired changes:
-want more fast-paced GA
-need to define enemy/mission/demands
-need more representative Oakland community members
-safe space, safe actions

People who haven’t been involved, and haven’t been to GA:

Things people like:
-freedom for all to speak
-sense of collectivity

-no patience for broad issues / interested in tackling specific
-deterred by stories of property damage and violence
-no time
-too much anger
-leadership structure still too present
-need occupations, not meetings


Have you been involved in Occupy Oakland?

n = 180
Yes: 165 (92%)
No: 15 (8%)

How many times have you attended an OO General Assembly?
n = 143
None: 16 (11%)
Once: 7 (5%)
2-5 times: 24 (17%)
6-10 times: 33 (23%)
11-15 times: 19 (13%)
16-20 times: 6 (4%)
21-25 times: 7 (5%)
25+: 31 (22%)

Is GA accessible to you?
n = 131
Yes: 98 (75%)
No: 33 (25%)

Do you think that the GA supports the activities of OO?
n = 111
Yes: 87 (78%)
No: 24 (22%)

Do you self-identify as a person of color?
n = 133
Yes: 28 (21%)
No: 105 (79%)

How do you self-identify your gender?
n = 139
Female: 62 (45%)
Male: 63 (45%)
Other Identifier: 14 (10%)

Do you self-identify along the LGBTQI spectrum?
n = 133
Yes: 37 (29%)
No: 91 (71%)

Do you self-identify as a person with a disability or disabilities?
n = 131
Yes: 24 (18%)
No: 107 (82%)

What is your primary language?
n = 136
English: 132 (97%)
Spanish: 2 (1%)
Chinese: 1 (1%)
Polish: 1 (1%)

n = 143
<21: 3 (2%)
21-30: 19 (15%)
31-40: 24 (19%)
41-50: 26 (22%)
51-60: 22 (18%)
61-70: 23 (18%)
71-80: 8 (6%)


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