Update on Oakland May Day arrests and support as of 5/2/12

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That was a great MayDay! Now let’s get our people out! Here’s an update:

We are aware of about 15 people in custody. Fifteen or so have been cited and released. We believe that no more people will be released today, but the rest of our locked up comrades have court tomorrow.

What you can do to help!

Go to court 5/3/12!

Wiley Manuel Courthouse is located at 661 Washington @ 7th Street in downtown Oakland.

All the misdemenors are at 9am in department 107 and all the felonies are at 2pm in department 112. Packing dept. 112 is really important so if you only want to attend one arraignment, this is the one to go to! Packing courtrooms often helps sway the judge to be more lenient on defendants when they see the defendant has a lot of community support.

Keep in mind there are many rules to attending court. You will go through a metal detector and should not bring anything illegal or sharp into the courthouse. In the courtrooms you can (and likely will) be evicted from the courtroom if your phone is not off or if you talk while the judge is on the bench.

Donate to our bail fund

After tomorrow we will have a better idea of bail amounts, but the Anti Repression Committee’s bail fund is dwindling so please consider donating to our bail fund here: https://www.wepay.com/donations/275088

If you have a loved one who is still in custody

Try to have as much bail or bond money ready if the jailed person wants to be bailed so we can post bail or bond after their arraignment. The Anti Repression Committee has some money for bond, but cannot guarantee that we can provide this for everyone. If we do post bond for anyone we will still need someone to co-sign. A cosigner is someone who is liable if the person bailed out does not appear for future court dates. We will not post bonds without a co-signer. If you are willing to be a co-signer for someone you know in jail please come to court tomorrow and talk to us after the arraignments so we can coordinate with the bondsman.

Be careful with evidence

We also would like to remind everyone to be very careful with footage and evidence. Do NOT post incriminating evidence on the internet. We do not want to help the district attorney do their job of repressing us!

Hold on to any evidence you may have when the lawyers will need them. Do not go public about having evidence before talking to an attorney because you could be subpoenaed for it.

If you suffered from police brutality you can go to www.occupylegal.info and submit a police misconduct form. Civil attorneys are interested in using evidence in a civil lawsuit so hold onto any evidence you have until we call out for it.

Also, we’re trying to start an email blast system for the future where we can make call outs if there’s an important court date, if we need folks to volunteer rides for folks getting released from jail, or all sorts of other urgent info we need to get out there. Please email us if you’d like to get these kinds of updates on a sporadic basis (depending on how much we get repressed!)

The Anti Repression Committee of Occupy Oakland works with Occupy Legal to coordinate direct jail support and political solidarity. We do this by educating, packing the courtroom during arraignments and trials, facilitating letter writing and jail visits to incarcerated comrades, posting commissary funds for incarcerated comrades, helping find video evidence and witnesses, organizing release parties and rides when our comrades are released from jail, bailing people out when we have the money and general solidarity and support work for those who have been brutalized by the police. You can contact us at antirepression@occupyoakland.org


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