Stop using Facebook and Twitter, use to communicate

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I support the Occupy wallstreet movement, but have a huge problem with people ranting and not offering up a solution. I have a solution. What is so ironic is that you ask people to follow you on Facebook and twitter. These two social media platforms represent the very thing that you are against. Does Facebook share its profits with its users, no! And yet by using these platforms you are supporting the very thing that youu stand against. Facebook does offer you a free profile page, but beyond that it exploits its users, without its users, what is the product that facebook sells. Its the users time spent on Facebook that is turned into revenue. And does facebook give back to their user’s, hardly.
So whats my solution. A non profit social network that gives its profits back to its users and public education (future users). does just that, empowering it’s users and givening it’s profits to public education. If everyone in the Occupy wallstreet movement started using instead of Facebook to communicate, the movement would flourish. is about to launch our iphone App, and our user empowered advertising program will follow shortly thereafter. For further information about or to schedule a speaking engagnement or meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me!

John Garrett
Director of Public Engagements


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