General Assembly Agenda 4.8.12

Categories: GA Agendas

I. Welcome
II. Welcome Announcements
III. Agenda Overview
IV. Open Forum
V. Reports from Committees, Subcommittees, and Caucuses

VI. Proposals
1. Door to Door Outreach Proposal
2. The Clearing House Proposal
3. Endorsement of Dignity and Resistance May Day March
4. Finance Proposal for Dignity and Resistance March
5. Recognition of Occupy Brooms Collective
6. Finance Proposal for Remaining OWS Funds for Longview/EGT Action
7. Finance Proposal for OO Patriarchy BBQ & Speak Out 4/14/12
8. Endorsement of Occupy4Prisoners Day of Action
9. Solidarity with Mexico

VII. Action Announcements
VIII. General Announcements


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