[#1 for 4/4/12 GA] Finance Proposal for Reimbursement of Costs for Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin

Categories: GA Proposals, Tactical Action Committee

We (the Tactical Action Committee) organized a rally at Bradley Manning Plaza (Embarcadero, SF) and a march to the UN Plaza, with a speak out and altar for Trayvon Martin. Approximately 500-650 people attended from both Oakland and SF. We would like to request that Occupy Oakland cover the expenses for this march.

Posters (printed) $289.47
Stakes (separate, Mona)
Altar Flowers $41.25
Altar Candles (separate, Mona)
Rechargeable Batteries and Solar Charger for TAC Bullhorns:
Batteries (2 sets) $54.35
Charger $30.28

$415.35 Total


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