[#3 for 4/4/12 GA] Clearing House Proposal

Categories: GA Proposals

Several OO committees, as well as other OWS groups in the Bay Area, are in the midst of organizing actions and events that we are all excited about. We have been looking forward to sharing information and getting feedback from one another, and believe that the GA is the proper space/time to do this. To this end, and because spring and summer are approaching, we propose to have an organized process (Clearing House) for sharing actions on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at the GA.

1) Information sharing brought forward by groups of 3 or more.
2) Feedback and calendaring.
3) Revitalize and outreach for the GA’s in the spring.

General Ideas:
– This Clearing House will support the coordination and communication between Spring/Summer Offensive groups, so they can present what they are working on, folks can give feedback, and individuals can hear about actions and find ways to connect.
– It will NOT be a decision-making space. No large group decisions will be made on that day.
– We would like it to happen on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012, during the GA.
– The working group proposing this will recruit participation. We hope to recruit a lot of people because this is a new approach.
– We will try this as an experiment and, if it works, then make it happen periodically.
– All groups who want to present will put their name in the hat, and the order will be chosen at random. A group needs to be at least 3 people.


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