Anonymous / Occupy Sacramento – Run For Your Life (HD)

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We find ourselves on the dawn of a new beginning. After millenia the Human Race has spread over and covered the face of the planet. We find ourselves in need of renewing the affinity we once had with nature. In need of renewing the strength of our collective effort towards progress. In need of renewing the dignity of soul and love for one another.
As advanced and sophisticated our technology has become, we’re still the same fundamentally simple creatures. However we have forgotten the power of our ability to care for eachother and our planet. In these dire moments the struggle for human dignity is reborn. Let us take time to reflect on the beauty of nature, and its greatness above all of the creations man has made.
We are easily lost and distracted in this world of rigorous structure. Seemingly from the cradle to the grave our lives are bound. The beauty of the wild, and the adventure of discovery has been torn from our grasp. We are enslaved by greed and selfishness. We have built up the image of ourselves, and each one of us worships the human we wished we could become. We worship the things we do not have, yet desire.
For this reason it is imperative to awaken ourselves and humble ourselves to the ground and to the earth. In a new effort for progress, let us find peace in simplicity. Let us learn to appreciate the small things in life. Let us dream of the adventures and the discovery that waits ahead as the human race sets forward in a new era of life, and celebration of liberties given to us in birth.
May we become aware of our surroundings, and the many cultures that surround us. May we embrace brotherhood and goodness one towards another. May we be presented with opportunities of services and good works, for we, truly are the real wealth of the nation and the planet. That is right, we the human race are the true wealth of this earth. Not money, nor gold, nor riches, nor the glory of men. But we as children of creation, are the true wealth of the earth.


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