Ran into “The Quan” at lakeside MLK day

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Just wanted to let everyone know the lakeside day was fun. Lots of weeding and working with the dirt. Thanks to all who were able to come out! We wore occupy oakland patches and got a lot of people asking questions. Everyone was happy to see us representing, a few people put on a patch themselves , and a few more asked how to get involved.  We met other community members who are active in the sustainable living  community who said they’d be happy to support us in projects.

We also ran into “The Quan” in the service hallway. She walked around all morning but was too busy taking pictures to pick up a shovel. She asked us if she could take a picture saying “oh occupy oakland, i have to get a photo!” we asked her if she wanted a patch to wear and she responded “oh i don’t think so, its too controversial.” She started walking away, and we asked her to please make better choices for Occupy Oakland, she didn’t respond.
In light of all the recent police repression, and the fact that four Occupy Oakland members there had been recently targeted and/or beaten by OPD it was hard to understand why Quan was so casual and indifferent with us. Its impossible to see how the city represents its people when this is the interaction we get.

With Love


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