Oak Tree Update

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Below is a copy of my email to Public Works Director Troyan. He was requested by Councilwoman Nadel to contact me and set up a meeting regarding the oak and a possible revised landscape plan for OGP.

It is probably best that a group of any and all interested people meet Saturday, January 7th at 1:00 at OGP to begin throwing around some concepts. Spread the word!

“We understand that the flooding of the plaza has ceased and want to thank you for turning the water off.

We would still like to obtain a copy of the results of the soil investigation that we understand Public Works officials carried out. Our offer still remains to conduct an investigation into root health and soil profile for the areas surrounding the tree, both inside and out of the cement wall.

Thank you for your invitation to set up a meeting for the purpose of launching the discussion regarding the oak and the possibility of installing a revised landscape plan for the plaza, one that is more compatible with the oak. I will be meeting with other interested people in the meantime to discuss possibilities. I would hope to include some of these folks in our meeting as there is significant interest in this subject and a great pool knowledge we can all pull from.

The third week of January is good for us. Please let us know a day and time and we will be happy to begin the discussion.

We would prefer that all future correspondences be conducted via email as we believe this is the most efficient way to maintain a record and to keep all interested people abreast of our progress.

If we find that we are in general agreement regarding a revised landscape plan that is compatible with the long term health of the tree, we would hope to work closely with your department in planning and implementation should the project move forward.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.”


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