GA Minutes: 12.5.11

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Oakland General Assembly


Approximate Start Time: 6:00 pm

Approximate Head Count: 100 +


Given that Occupy Oakland has no camp at the current time, our major political actions are what keep our movement alive. Tomorrow is the Dec 6 Day of Action against Foreclosures and OO is joining others in our community to take action throughout the day. How does the struggle against foreclosures relate to the Occupy movement and how can we make tomorrow a success that helps propel our moment forward while assisting those who have been directly impacted by the current economic system?

  • We need our Port action and this action work together. We need to have clear communication between Occupy Oakland members and Occupy Oakland Committees. What happens when people are arrested and what if people want to avoid arrest?
  • This action should be added to Bay Action Alert. Text 41411.
  • We should livestream, all of us. You can use an app on your iPhone or Droid.
  • We are struggling with how we are perceived. We should tell the story of one foreclosed person and how Occupy Oakland is working to help them.
  • Media has failed us. Engage alternative media to transcend this.
  • Get mainstream support by being peaceful and showing ourselves in the media as saving people.


  • AntiRepression: 50 people being arraigned tomorrow, 9AM
    Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse 661 Washington Street, Oakland, California 94607 department 107; 415-285-1011
  • Art and Crafts- We need to make signs and banners. So we need supplies. We meet Thurs at 5PM ; Oscar Grant Plaza. Contact
  • Finance Thursday 6PM at SF Pizza. Procedures for requesting funds are online. Raised $30,000, spent $11,000.  Have $19,000. Report is online.
  • December 6th Forclosures Working Group. A woman in W Oakland was evicted. She had been trying to work with the bank. We will help. Meet Dec 6th, Defemerey Park rally, 4PM press conference, 9AM 19th and Harrison there is an open air auction of foreclosed homes going on. Try to disrupt that.
  • LBL: Local Business Liaison. Buy Oakland Grown gifts cards available. Meeting Mondays 4PM, except for this Wed at Wed at 4PM. The Rising Loafer. December 13 Free Movie Night for OO at the Grand Lake Theater. V for Vendetta.  At 7:35 p.m. and 10:00 p.m on Tuesday, December 13.
  • Medic: Dispatch 510 712-8129. Not intended to replace 911. Carry water with you on actions. Volunteers needed.
  • Outreach Co-ordination Committee. Providing information and connecting people with groups and groups with people. Doing an action on the March on the 12th to do outreach and get information from the public. To get involved contact
  • Supplies. We meet Thursdays 5PM, though times may be updated online. We need food, transportation, storage space, ect.
  • West Coast Shut Down Group: OEA has voted to endorse the march. People are coming to Oakland from around the country. They will need housing. We meet before the GA at 5PM in the Plaza. You can sign up to help on . New video online…check it out.
  • Vigil Committee. Mayor Quan gave us a letter. The head of permit office has begun to crackdown on the growth of the Vigil. Keep signs and tables away. Pay attention to rules. Our Vigil permit may be taken away at anytime. Rules: There is a chalk outline where the Vigil ends. You can’t sleep. You can’t drink or do drugs. No sleeping bags. 6AM setup and take down and sun down. Support for Vigil and Tree People not being given.
  • Youth Caucus. Meeting Sunday 130PM by Children’s Villiage.


1. Emergency Proposal for Funding Port Blockade. $5,141 in funds needed. List given on We need megaphones, busses and porta-pottys, sound equipment, radios, flyers, picket sticks, mics, and more.

Clarifying Questions:

  • Busses won’t fit in the Port Area.  Will vans be rented? A: We will rent when we are able, and buy when we must. Busses mean transportation from W Oakland BART Station to Port for those who can’t march.
  • What will happen to the things that are purchased? A: Anything not used for this action will go toward the movement.
  • Why haven’t some of the items been donated? A: We are working on getting donations.

Vote Count

134 Yes

6 Stand Asides

4 No

Passes by 97%

2. Kittens Actions Proposal: We propose that we outreach and engage in community, focus on the West Coast Port Shutdown, survey people on what they think of OO, and consider giving options, examples so we can go in the direction the community to go.

Clarifying Questions:

  • Why is this a proposal and not an action? A: Success involves numbers. Proposals have official endorsement.
  • What if you can’t get there at noon?  A: Stragglers can group up together.
  • Could we modify the survey?  A: Yes.
  • How will people represent themselves?  Will they each represent the movement?  A We speak for ourselves, but form experiences in the movement.


  • People should be with us.
  • Advertising is good.

Vote Count

102 yes

3 Stand Asides
1 No

This proposal passes .

3. Mutual aid. We are doing better that any other West Coast Occupy. We request to send money to Occupy San Diego, Portland and Seattle. $1000 each.

Clarifying Questions:

  • Why are we giving away our money to outside groups when there are projects we lack funding for? (such as: lack of tents, blankets, thermals, and sleeping bags for people who sleep in the plaza or may not have homes). A: Portland and Seattle have difficulties. They are both far from their ports. The money that isn’t used will be given back.
  • How will this money be allocated? Will there be accountability? A: There is a lack of accountability in some cities. Some cities are transparent.  Seattle is broke. Portland had their money stolen.
  • What about other movements that need money? – A: We can deal with it as it comes.  We are going on a needs basis.

Vote Count

94 Yes

10 stand aside

4 no.

This proposal passes.


4. Proposal to hold a GA at every major event.


Clarifying Questions

  • Will there be an exception if having a general assembly simply wouldn’t work? – A: We would decide ahead of time to not do it. It takes a 90% vote to say there is an exemption.


  • Is there a difference between small vs. large assemblies? A:  We need this, we barely have quorum for most assemblies.
  • Does December 12 apply? Who would facilitate? A: I would be willing to help facilitate.



  • I support iot.  It will give us more voices


  • No proposals should be heard during these kinds of GAs.  It should be like a training.
  • The way it is worded, it mandates a GA.  This would further tax our facilitationworking group.


Vote Results

No quorum: This has been  tabled.



  • Please donate: Sleeping Bags. Climbing gear. 661 Washington.




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