Sanitation & Public Health Mission Statement

Categories: Open Mic, Sanitation & Public Health Committee

Sanitation & Public Health’s mission is to make Oscar Grant Plaza more sanitary than it was under city control. This will be accomplished through the labor of volunteers and the promotion of new cultural standards.

Sanitation concerns the public health, security, and economic prosperity. Beautification of Oscar Grant Plaza will engender a new level of respect for Oakland, in both the citizenry and those abroad (investors, tourists, etc). The Sanitation & Public Health seeks to assure Occupy Oakland’s presence continues to benefit the local business community and Oakland citizens.

The city government has cut some of its maintenance (watering plants, cleaning the walk areas, etc). The Sanitation Division will assume these roles.

Our current goals:

*Staff sufficient to keep the plaza clean of litter and the debris inherent to cities.

*Promote the use of personal ashtrays (such as Altoids tins)

*Coordinating with the medical facilities of Occupy Oakland

*Coordinating with the kitchen of Occupy Oakland

*Coordinating with local healthcare resources

*Maintaining the plant life (flowers and trees)

*Reducing pollution

*Implementing clean, sustainable power

*Sustainable, clean power



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