Nov 1: General Strike Press Conference

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OAKLAND, Calif. [November 1, 2011]

Organizers of Oakland’s general strike have announced an 8:30 a.m. press conference tomorrow morning at the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Broadway in downtown Oakland.  That intersection was the site of the 1946 Oakland general strike, the last general strike that happened in the United States.

The morning press conference will clarify the day’s activities, including the march to shut down the Port of Oakland that afternoon.  “Liberate Oakland, Shut Down the 1%” is the official name of the November 2 action.

The day of action embraces four central points:  an expression of solidarity with the worldwide Occupy movement; a push for an end to police attacks on our communities; a defense of Oakland schools and libraries; a declaration of opposition to an economic system that perpetuates all forms of oppression and the destruction of the environment.

Occupy Oakland embraces a diversity of tactics among its supporters, and is firmly rooted in the common understanding that there will be no endorsement of political parties or politicians running for office.

About Occupy Oakland:
Occupy Oakland is an emerging social movement without leaders or spokespeople. It is one of 1,570 occupations currently occurring around the world in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

About “Liberate Oakland, Shut Down the 1%”:
“Liberate Oakland, Shut Down the 1%” is the title of the November 2, 2011 Day of Mass Action.  Occupy Oakland encourages workers to strike, but welcomes any form of participation which workers feel is appropriate.

For more information about the other occupations, see:


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