Oct. 27th Press Release (General Strike Proposal Passes)

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OAKLAND, Calif. [October 27, 2011]

Over 1,600 Occupy Oakland voters chose by consensus to push for a General Strike, set to happen on Wednesday, November 2.  With 1,484 votes in favor of strike, 46 votes against, 77 votes to abstain, the 96% majority vote carried the measure.

The vote came after announcements of solidarity from Occupy Wall Street, Occupy San Francisco and the Egyptian revolution.  The Occupy Wall Street protesters in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park announced hours earlier that they would donate $20,000 to Occupy Oakland, to assist in the rebuilding of infrastructure after Tuesday morning’s police raid.  Egyptian revolutionaries declared that they would march in Tahrir Square this Friday, October 28, to show support for the Oakland protesters.

Oakland’s solidarity with Occupy San Francisco came in the form of shared defense.  Immediately following the General Assembly, many protesters headed directly to San Francisco to help defend the Market Street encampment from a police raid.  In anticipation of such a show of support, BART closed the 12th Street, 19th Street and Embarcadero stations to prevent the protesters from helping each other.

Occupy Oakland embraces a diversity of tactics among its supporters, and is firmly rooted in the common understanding that there will be no endorsement of political parties or politicians running for office.

About Occupy Oakland:
Occupy Oakland is an emerging social movement without leaders or spokespeople. It is one of 1,570 occupations currently occurring around the world in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

For more information about the other occupations, see:


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