Picket and Occupy Warning to Employers etc

Categories: General Strike - 11/2/11

Agreed upon in Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly 10.29.11

The Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly vows to picket and or occupy any business or school which disciplines employees or students in ANY way for participating in the November 2nd strike and day of action.

• The Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly would like this warning to be known in the general community.
• Any worker who thinks they have been disciplined for participating in the General Strike may come to the Strike Assembly to ask for picket support against their employer.
• The Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly will keep meeting after the strike in case of delayed disciplinary measures by employers and will maintain an email list to mobilize for any measures after that. If workers cannot make the general strike committee they may email OccupyOaklandLaborSolidarity@gmail.com
• If any such disciplined workers are represented  by a union, we will call on that union to join us in picketing.

November 2 Picket support from Occupy Oakland

Any group of workers who want are picket line at their workplace on November 2nd should come to the Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly meeting at 5 in front of Oakland City Hall or email OccupyOaklandLaborSolidarity@gmail.com


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