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I believe that Oakland’s General Strike & Mass Day of Action on November 2 ought to go global to show solidarity with our Occupy brothers and sisters of Oakland. The Occupy LA is preparing for a Bank Transfer Day on November 5. This ought to go global too.

Do not get arrested!

If an occupation is forced to move by law inforcement, why not pick another strategic location; the mountain top removal company, Masi (spelling?) closed their union worker plants in one city and openned another in a different location so that they would have to hire union workers.

What about Boycotting targeted banks or gas stations for a week at a time?

What about a slow moving-crawling-traffic jam that ties up heavily traveled streets?

What about posting the the names and addresses of the CEOs of the larger financial institutions and protesting at their houses like the right-to-life/ anti abortion protesters do?

We need to look at alternative ways to protest, post our videos, communicate with each other in the place of corporate carriers. What do you think about an Occupy News Letter?

All the best and take care of and support each other

Lawrence in LA


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