Union 5

Say NO to Veolia/City Union Busting! – Demo Sat., 11/9, 3pm, 1720 Broadway, Oakland

Say NO to Veolia/City Union Busting! Hands off the Boston School Bus Union 5! Veolia fired two more of the five, today, totaling four fired and one suspended! Demo Against Veolia When: Saturday Nov 09 at 3PM Where: 1720 Broadway, Oakland . Oakland action: https://www.facebook.com/events/418384614951137/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar Boston info: web http://bostonschoolbus5.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-Solidarity-the-Voice-of-United-School-Bus-Union-Workers/300080180003514?directed_target_id=0 .  – Vice President Steven Gillis (fired 11/1/13), Grievance Chair and Local founder Stevan Kirschbaum (fired 11/1/13), with the following three suspended and threatened with firing:  Recording Secretary and Charlestown Chief Steward Andre Francois, Steward and Local founder Richard … Continued