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Seeking Justice for Alan Blueford at the Militarized Oakland City Council: Police Murder and Political Contestation in the “International City of Peace”

By: Mike King The Blueford family and the Justice for Alan Blueford (JAB) Coalition returned to City Hall last night, after causing such a disruption at the last meeting (September 18th) that it was cancelled.  On Tuesday evening, over 200 people came out to support the Bluefords in demanding answers, over 100 of whom were barred from entering the City Council meeting by Oakland police.  Inside the City Council chambers, the Blueford family and several dozen supporters demanded answers and the police report, and that the officer who killed Alan … Continued


Alan Blueford’s Family at the Oakland City Council Meeting on 5/15/12 – Photos

Alan Blueford’s Family at the Oakland City Council Meeting on Tuesday May 15, 2012 – Photos “Justice for Alan!” and for all those murdered by the killer cops at the Oakland Police Department. As one of the Alan’s relatives said, people in the community are afraid to speak up because they fear what the Police would do. Deeply sad to know that the ones that are there to serve us and protect us, and paid by our taxes, are the ones inflicting pain and loss of human life in the … Continued