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Fat phobia, the diet industry, and corporate greed

Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with messages about our bodies: thin is in, and we’re expected to either be thin or aspire to be thin. The main stream media is obsessed with our (current or potential) fatness. We’re warned about all the health problems supposedly caused by obesity: diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Obviously, thin people never get these illnesses. Obviously, if a thin person DOES get these illnesses, they are not at fault, and deserve the best of the best healthcare available. If … Continued


Private Prisons as Profit Factories – How Banks & Wall St Control & Profit from the (In)Justice System

The bottom-line goal of a private prison system is to turn a profit, without consideration for – and often to the detriment of – any benefit to society. This is true of all public resources that are being undermined by privatization – water, land, education, even the administration of public assistance benefits (JP Morgan turns a healthy profit from processing food stamps). People will argue that privatization is more efficient. I agree. Private prisons are more efficient at turning public funds into profit for their shareholders, which include “too-big-to-fail” Wells … Continued