flag burning

Oakland is fed up

This is part of an email I received from a friend: My wife and I were there all day and following behind at the end when the police were being really hard-core and kettling the final group. The tension was very high. I saw police surround the entire group and gas/grenade them when they had no place to go. They broke down a fence and escaped. I wanted to throw rocks at the cops at that point. There was a lot of trash talk going back and forth between cops … Continued


chaos or victory, you decide

The willingness of so many sincere and dedicated oakland occupiers to defend the actions on jan 28 demonstrates a lack of experience and a potentially fatal misunderstanding about the political dynamics involved in our struggle. The unwillingness of those participating in and subsequently attempting to justify the chaos indicates a lack of understanding of our enemy and the seriousness of our struggle. This is not a game, it is real war, and unless we fight our war non-violently (198 tactics ) we give our power back to the enemy and … Continued