Is AT&T U-verse Serving The People Or Fleecing The Sheeple?

Ma Bell was notorous for corporate greed and customer abuse long before Lily Tomlin lampooned her on Laugh-In. And in today’s ATT Screw-U-Verse, the corruption continues. IS AT&T U-VERSE (ATT UVERSE) SERVING THE PEOPLE OR FLEECING THE SHEEPLE? Those of you still relying on mainstream media for news may be unaware of what Occupy Wall Street and the Global Revolution have planned for Tuesday, May 1 2012: MSIE users Google this: (occupy AND (“may day” OR mayday)) But for those of you in the Occupy Movement looking for … Continued


AT&T: Ma Bell Wants Her Monopoly Back

AT&T: MA BELL WANTS HER MONOPOLY BACK Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 46: Communication 1 IronBoltBruce’s Kleptocracy Chronicles for 1 Nov 2011 (g1a2d0046c1) How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act? “We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the phone company.” – Lili Tomlin Ma Bell wants her monopoly back, and she’s almost got it: “After being broken up in the mid-1980s in a landmark antitrust case, this telecommunications icon re-formed in 2005, and became the nation’s largest phone company when SBC … Continued