Raheim Brown Free School

Raheim Brown Free School Schedule Tues-Sunday (so far)

Tuesday 5-6pm Black Panther Gerald Smith on History of Black Panthers Wed. 3-5pm Surving Radical Demos with Mike E and Melissa from the radical martial arts dojo, Suigetsukan in Oakland 4-6 Black Panther members David Hilliard, Elder Freeman and others. Thurs. 5pm  Larry Everest, Author of Oil, Power and Empire, on Anti-Capitalism 6pm Speakers on Gang Injunctions Friday 4pm Labor History- conflict in Appalachia 5pm Ken Knabb on his article Awakening in America 6pm Student speak out 6:30 Andrej Grubacic on Post-colonialism and Anarchism Saturday 9am-5pm Radical Trainings: 9am-noon Making … Continued


Resistance Training for Occupy Oakland!

How do we retain an uncompromising analysis of the violence of the status quo, including corporate capitalism, racism, and the police system that upholds both, while transcending the tired dynamics of us (the self-righteous good guys) and them (in this case corporate execs and cops)? How do we channel our anger into resistance of systems rather than struggles with individual figureheads for those systems? Join us for three mini…-workshops on Saturday, October 22: 9am-noon Making It Personal: Understanding the Violence of the Status Quo: In this workshop, we’ll connect our … Continued