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National Nurses Union pulling buses to Chicago

I wrote the union to tell them I am ashamed of what they have done. I send my condolences to anyone who would have gone to Chicago for the May 18 event but was prevented from doing so by their biased and discriminatory action against bay area occupiers. I think you guys do great work, take enormous risks for your beliefs of a better, fairer and more inclusive society. Keep up the good work. 31485


The Aftermath of #J28

I personally am a believer in non-violent civil disobedience and cannot imagine myself throwing rocks, startting fires or shouting “pig” at OPD or for that matter, any police. However, I have yet to face police in full riot gear well equipped with batons, tear gas, rubber bullets, flash bombs, etc. I, therefore, cannot say what I would do if I found myself in a situation where the police were bearing down on me and those near me. It must be a frightening experience and my heart goes out to every … Continued


Giving thanks

To all the courageous, clever and determined Occupiers– thank you. 7526


love you #oo

Maybe you no longer have a tent city in Oscar Grant plaza but you are still present there every day. You have spread out into other neighborhoods and creating an opportunity for more ppls to participate. You have created a bigger occupation. See you at the rally on Saturday. 6361


Against violent tactics

The movement is young and it is small. It is growing. Violence against you when you have not been the provocateurs helps you to engage the 99%; violence and vandalism provoked by you will turn them away from you.Your long term strength will be  your sheer numbers. Your weakness is that you are no match for the agents of the 1% who, given any reason to, will be brutally aggressive in repressing the movement.  Success depends on playing to your strengths and downplaying your weaknesses. Right now you morally have the upper hand. Use it … Continued