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SJ Merc — 5:10 p.m. Police distributing eviction notices at Occupy Oakland

5:10 p.m. Police distributing eviction notices at Occupy Oakland In the pouring rain, police are distributing eviction notices to campers at Occupy Oakland asking them to leave or be arrested. Meanwhile, a few hundred people are marching against traffic north on Broadway, likely toward the Oakland Police Department. They are chanting, “Stop beating veterans.” Two vets have been injured over the last month in clashes with police over the Occupy Oakland movement, witnesses have said. 5653


Green Party Mayor Welcomes Occupy Protests To Her City

Thursday, November 10, 2011 By Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle At least one Bay Area mayor is actually welcoming the Occupy Wall Street movement to her city: Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin. That’s good news because there will be an Occupy Wall Street speak out at 11 a.m. Friday near McLaughlin’s Civic Center Plaza office. People are invited to tell their stories of how they’ve lost their job, their home, can’t pay their student loans, can’t find a job, etc. Full story here. 5250


On not speaking to Quan

From today’s Chron: She has pleaded with protesters to try and talk to them. Two nights after the raid, the mayor was booed off the City Hall’s outdoor amphitheater as she tried to address their gathering. The following day, she had a news conference in which she stated nine times that she would like to directly talk to campers. “I tried to talk to the members of Occupy Oakland,” she said on Oct. 28. “I still want to talk to them. We stand ready to talk to them any time … Continued