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NON-VIOLENCE — SCLC Protocol for Marches Eliminates Provocateurs

Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta is the nation’s torch bearer for non-violent protest. They have a section headed by Dr. LaFayette that provides training all over the world. Now if it is not too much trouble, please call 404.522.1420 extension 176 and ask Damien Conners if he could provide liaison to the SCLC’s non-violence program for your Occupy site. Despite denials, appearance of dozens of young white vandals and arsonists at the Oakland events has to be seen to mirror agent provocateur tactics. Similar paramilitary assets were deployed in … Continued


NON-VIOLENCE is the solution. OWS NYC has contact with SCLC to get the means.

Occupy Oakland is being endangered by right wing vandals and violent rioters. Those black-clad masked young men are copying tactics from Rome and Washington D.C. Defense against “dark arts” provocateurs has to begin with a thorough commitment to non-violence. Southern Christian Leadership Conference is prepared to render full assistance at the Occupy sites. This sabotage is likely arranged and paid for by the same parties who flew James O’Keefe and Joseph Basel around the country pumping up the early Tea Party rallies and then carried on with the false videos … Continued