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The Coming Change of Occupy Oakland

This is an update..w. there will be change soon coming to Occupy Oakland. As we all know there is a self destructive element that does more harm then good rooted within Occupy. Black Block is nothing more then a Goverment run program designed to cause chaos,leaving us with less and less civll liberties. In fact Black Block is trying to kick start a race war! Why did Black Block target a black owned coffee shop during a march? Think about it… Not just in Oakland but look at what Black … Continued


open letter to occupy oakland

OPEN LETTER TO OCCUPY OAKLAND. Oakland is a beautiful city with many hearts. This city is vibrant and very passionate about its nieghborhoods and the familys within them. There is now a growing unrest directed towards Occupy Oakland. This stems from the Anarchists takeover and co-opting the movement to use it as a platform for there destuctive ways. This letter will game you up on what’s to come.. As of today july 5th 2012 there is a gathering of people who are tired of your lack of respect for anything, … Continued