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I find it curious that my comments about topics that aren’t spam are held in moderation for what seems to be hours on end with the explanation that the webmaster is trying to prevent spam from being posted while there are still tons of spam posts about shoes, clothes, etc. etc…. How is it that spam seems to get through moderation without a hitch and our posts about actual topics take time to post? I’m not trying to be nasty here. It’s just strange… Do any of the techies here have … Continued


Who addresses the needs of the residents of Oakland?

Why hasn’t the money that has been donated to the Oakland movement been spent on ways of addressing the real needs of the residents of Oakland? Why does it continue to be spent on futile actions that continue to pull the Oakland movement away from the issues that directly affect Oakland? Let’s remember the following: 1. Oakland has a serious problem providing basic public education to her children, no matter where they are living Oakland. 2. Oakland has a serious problem providing before and after school programs for her children … Continued


Occupy Burger King? Seriously?

Just what is this supposed to accomplish? What is it that a local Burger King has done to deserve to be closed down by Occupy Oakland for a week? Is the beef with Burger King Corporate? What happens to the 99% who lose one week’s worth of wages because OO is shutting them down? Why is this happening? How will this advance the cause of this movement? Aren’t there better targets? 8181


Dissenters within the 99%. We need you.

Dissenters! We need you! I keep reading grumbling from people who believe that Occupy Oakland took a wrong turn on 11/19/2011. Just to be clear, there was no breaking of windows on 11/19 or violence. Some are saying that somehow the actions on the 19th gave Occupy Oakland and the City of Oakland a bad name that will scare business away from Oakland at the very least. I am an Oakland resident. This is my home. I haven’t noticed businesses clamoring to come to Oakland even before Occupy Oakland. Heck, … Continued


General Assembly 11/20

Where will the General Assembly be today? What time will it take place. Yes, I see the calendar of events. But in light of recent developments with the camp on the move it seems uncertain. I want to be there tonight. I’m sure others want to be there tonight. There is much to discuss. Should we find parks all over Oakland to occupy? Maybe the next parks should be in Montclair and Rockridge. Perhaps we should occupy Jean Quan’s yard and Ignatio de la Fuente’s yard. The camp could be … Continued


Did OO Just Deposit $20k at Wells Fargo?

If so, I’m ashamed. I thought we’re asking people to move their money to local Credit Unions and local community based banks. If this is true, it makes us look like hypocrites. Also it makes us seem like we don’t care about Oakland since Wells Fargo engaged in some of the worst predatory lending in Oakland and now it refuses to make loans to local businesses to help Oakland’s economy. If it is true, we should remedy this right away by closing the account and then deposit the money at … Continued