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An Open Letter to Us (marking where I’m at post J28)

An open letter of celebration & recrimination to OO, a collective I find myself still distant from but still very much connected to & loving of: Cheers to all of us/any of us that are still working towards inclusive, collective action arising from horizontal decision making.  It’s really fucking hard. Cheers to all of us/any of us that are actively weighing our personal involvement & commitment to OO, as a single instance of the ongoing work to experiment, discover, learn & grow these methods & tactics & moments of functioning … Continued


For newcomers at the 11/18 GA (or any other)

If you know people who are coming to the General Assembly for the first time tonight, & do not consider themselves part of Occupy Oakland, please join me in asking them to keep these questions in mind (repost if you agree): “Am I voting on what I want to see Occupy Oakland do? Or am I voting for what I want to participate in with Occupy Oakland?” If newcomers are not interested in any future participation with Occupy Oakland, & have come out just to give input this once, please join … Continued


Identity Check: Who I Am

I’m not using my real name or one of my personal ID names here on the Occupy site. I do use my real name in public, including at Occupy meetings, actions, & GAs. Anyone who already knows me won’t have much trouble recognizing me here. If you don’t already know me, I don’t see any need for you to easily find the rest of my online or meat-space identity, though it wouldn’t be that hard. I do think some questions of identity & history are relevant to conversations here, & here’s … Continued


Holding the plaza aikido style, through Free-Rooms

Please consider this is an open suggestion, an invitation to help form a working group, &/or a call-out to anyone already moving in this direction who wants added support.  I’m a particpant in GAs, been present & participated in a number of Occupy actions, but I haven’t been staying at the camp.  I’m interested in feedback from everyone, & in particular from people who’ve been highly involved in the camp infrastructure.  Cheers & solidarity. Goals: A. Maintain meaningful presence in the plaza & B. Continue the social experiment of the … Continued


Open Questions for the Former Occupiers of the Former Traveler’s Aid Society

I appreciate your willingness to speak.  Dialogue is one thing that distinguishes civil disobedience & direct action from crime & thuggery. At the moment, I do not think your actions were an Occupation. I think what you did was an Exploitation. I am telling you what I think, & the questions I have, in hopes of changing your mind, or learning from your answers. While you were moving in library books (but not food, water, toilets, or any other essentials for an actual Occupation?), the tens of thousands of people … Continued