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Why Isn’t the Occupy For Education March on the main page?

I thought OO endorsed the OCCUPY THE CAPITOL for education event Mar 1 thru 5.  Yet, I don’t see a write up about the event….I do hope there will be some good visual support for this event… is impt. to build allies w/ the education movement… thanks! 22337


ACTION….Please call City of Oakland chief Arborist, Mitchell Thompson

Today please call City of Oakland Arborist, Mitchell Thompson  (phone is  510-615-5568 ) and demand that he tell his dept. of Public Works to STOP flooding the park square with water to saturate and flood the soil which will cause the ancient oak tree to drown due to lack of oxygen to the root system.  Over watering the soil can also cause fungus to grow on the tree and kill it as well.  Store from yesterday 12/7/11  in the East Bay Express is here…. You can read about tree … Continued


My Letter to the City Reps of Oakland

Here is my letter just sent to the City Attorney, City Admin., Mayor and all members of the City Council of Oakland.  I encourage others to do the same.  With love for the Oakland Commune! November 21, 2011 Greetings Attorney Barbara Parker, Mayor Jean Quan, and Council Members of Oakland: I am writing today to convey my outrage by the abuse of power and waste of my hard-earned few tax dollars that have been and are currently being wasted on over-policing Frank Ogawa Plaza and using our Public Works personnel … Continued