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Occupy Demographics and Participation Survey!

OccupyResearch and DataCenter present…the Occupy Demographics and Participation Survey! The OccupyResearch network is pleased to launch this exciting survey, which aims to create a better understanding of who engages with the Occupy movement, and how–it includes questions about media, communication, activities, and more. The survey is open to people living in any country, regardless of their level of involvement with the Occupy movement. The more people we can reach with this survey, the better we can reflect on this exciting time–so we invite you to spread the word. You can … Continued


Keep Each Other Safe on the Streets During OO Actions

From an excellent flyer by Critical Resistance available here. Tips for the Streets Keep each other safe because police wonʼt. Lots of us are more vulnerable than others when it comes to police. People of color, immigrants, transgender people, people with disabilities, and people with conviction records all have a lot at risk when interacting with police. Standing together means avoiding actions that will put people around you at increased risk for harm by police. Look out for each other. Keep each other safe BEFORE AN ACTION: Write the National … Continued