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How to Protect Students from Sexual Violence? Pepper Spray Them!

Last week, the UC Davis “Pepper Spray Incident Task Force,” dubbed the “Reynoso Task Force” for its chair, Law School Professor Emeritus and former California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso, released its report. The conclusion was that the pepper spraying of studentsseated in the Quad on November 18, 2011 “should and could have been prevented.” Well it’s a relief that the task force’s three-and-a-half-month investigation proved what pretty much all of us who watched the red spray come out of that hose over and over again on our television screens … Continued


What If They Gave a F*** The Police March and No Police Came?

Photo by Dave Id As soon as I walked into work on Monday, everyone wanted to talk to me about Saturday’s events in Oakland, since I’m their only real link to the protesters. One woman told me about her father, a militant longshoreman. Another commented that Occupy Oakland seems more organized and less fringy than San Francisco. A guy had been upset by a report that the people committing “violence” – throwing things at the police, etc. – were members of Occupy and not “outside agitators.” I was embarrassed to admit … Continued


Occupy Next Year

What’s next for the Occupy movement? That’s the question on everyone’s lips, which is a huge accomplishment in itself. But it’s also a huge question with huge import. Of course the only possible answer is that there isn’t one thing that’s next for the entire movement.  In fact, it’s not even one movement.  The movement in Des Moines or Walnut Creek looks very different, as the media love to point out, from Occupy Oakland, which I’m told is is very different from Occupy Wall Street.  It’s a movement of movements; … Continued