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Portapotty Lifesaver for the Ladies: Female Urinary Device

A tip for the ladies… Many of the portapotties have been backed up and clogged to the extent that women can not sit down to pee.  If you are squat challenged, like I am, this device is a lifesaver that can help you use the urinal in the portapotties.  They sell it at REI for around $20.  I know that’s expensive for a piece of plastic with tubing, but if you are at the plaza a lot and can afford it, it’s totally worth it!   I have used it a … Continued


Uniting Occupy Movements to End Corporate Personhood

Many occupy movements are calling for an end to corporate personhood as an initial step to limit the power of corporations and the 1%.   I think that Occupy Oakland should vote on a proposal to endorse an end to corporate personhood, and that we should get in contact with as many of the other occupy camps as possible in order to determine if this is an issue that we can unify around nationally. For folks who are unfamiliar with the issue of corporate personhood, the documentary “The Corporation” is a … Continued