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Those who make peaceful Revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable-JFK1962  we still have time to do this in a peacefol manner but who will protect the people in our lifetime  we have seen Martin L. King John F Kennedy and many more stand for what was right will you stand for what is right or will you wait till more people are beat locked up and for doing what is right  we now live paycheck to paycheck that is if you still get a paycheck if you still have a … Continued


cops against the people

On may 19 2009 the oakland pd (officer bob roche ) shot  Jeremiah Michael Dye in cold blood  thinking he was jessie mendez in anger they beat him and then shot him at close range in the ear …after which the six officers who were unable to subdue one unarmed boy without using lethal force then preceded to wash away all evidence cleaning the crime scene before ia had a chance to investigate. These men do not serve the people they do not protect  they are Judge Jury and Executioner. … Continued